Threading Female


Threading which involves a thin thread being rolled over the skin to pull unwanted hairs out at the follicle has lasted through the generation of eyebrow groomers and made its way from the east to the west.

“The thread doubles as a ruler, allowing a specialist to measure and create the desired eyebrow shape.” An arch can be sculpted with minimal irritation. Everyone’s hair grows at a different pace, but you can expect to see your threading specialist only about once a month for upkeep. And depending on how much you’re looking to change the shape of your brows, a professional threading session can run from 10 to 20 minutes, and you can get right back to whatever you were doing without significant redness.

Pricing List

Eyebrow Threading

£ 10

Upper Lip

£ 8

Lower Lip

£ 7


£ 9


£ 9


£ 9

Full Face

£ 35

Eyebrow and Upper Lip

£ 18